Window and glass cleaner

2-in-1 product: the advantages of two cleaners in one.

With a “push-pull” cap which facilitate an easy dosage.

With bioalcohol: Colorless, low-odor natural product that does not produce annoying vapors.

It can be used to clean any washable surface with complete safety.

Maximum quality-price ratio.




  • It is a complete product with a 2-in-1 formula that will ensure a long-lasting cleaning and a shine without trace.
  • It can be used as a GLASS CLEANER, obtaining veil-free crystals and mirrors and also as a MULTIPURPOSE for daily cleaning of all washable surfaces.
  • Add the product on a soft, clean, lint-free cloth and clean the surface until it is completely dry or add the product directly to the surface and dry with a dry cloth.
  • It is a multi-surface cleaner that cleans and degreases surfaces effectively, without leaving residues or streaks, drying quickly, obtaining a shiny surface in a single pass.
  • Does not scratch the treated surface.
  • Its special formulation gives it a certain degreasing and detergent character that allows an easy removal of dirt, finger marks and grease from all types of glass.
  • For all types of surfaces, being especially indicated in those that can attract dust such as: glass, mirrors, plastics, Formica, skay, plastics, metals, etc.



  • Multiuse product with easy application and quick drying.
  • It quickly solve everyday cleaning problems on any surface.
  • It has detergent and degreasing properties that allow to effectively remove fingerprints, grease and dirt from any washable surface.
  • It does not contain aggressive elements so it can be used with guarantee, even on the most delicate surfaces: marble, wood, ceramics, etc.
  • Based on a bioalcohol that guarantees a fast and sanitizing cleaning without damaging it.
  • Due to its neutral nature, innocuousness, and easy handling, it is ideal for daily use without problems.



EAN: 8436572671430