Multiuse product GWO

Safe formulation that can be used to clean any washable surface.

Its pistol format allows an extremely easy application and access to all corners.

With BIOALCOHOL: A colorless natural product, with a low odor that does not produce annoying fumes.

Dazzling shine in a single pass.

Its air freshening effect makes us notice it once a room is cleaned.





  • Professional formula that has greater cleaning capacity than a conventional floor cleaner. Thanks to the contribution of solvents and bioalcohol, present in its composition, we guarantee a more energetic and easier cleaning.
  • Due to its neutral pH and innocuousness, it does not attack any type of material, and can be used without fear even on the most delicate surfaces.
  • Third generation formula containing a selection of non-ionic surfactants optimal in detergency, that gives to the final product wetting and foaming properties. It also contains cationic surfactants, with a known disinfecting effect.
  • The perfume concentration is very high to achieve an air freshening effect every time the floors are cleaned.
  • Only good quality perfumes are used.
  • Its formula contains essential oils and aromatic chemicals selected for their intensity, persistence and sense of well-being.
  • Its bioalcohol content produces a fast and homogeneous drying.
  • Its perfume contains a combination of floral notes.



  • Its special formulation gives it a certain degreasing and detergent character that allows easy removal of dirt, finger marks and grease from all types of surfaces, ensuring impeccable results.
  • Product designed to quickly solve everyday cleaning problems on any surface.
  • Safe cleaner due to its neutral character and innocuousness together with its easy handling.
  • It contains bioalcohol and no abrasive substances that can damage the surfaces of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Transparent formula that produces an intense diamond shine.
  • Air freshening effect that makes the perfume remain in the environment hours after being used.



EAN: 8436572671423