Window and glass cleaner GWO

Intense shine, greater cleaning and professional transparency.

Its pistol format allows an extremely easy, comfortable and safe application.

With BIOALCOHOL: A colorless natural product, with a low odor that does not produce annoying fumes.

It does not scratch the glass or leave deposits or veils.

It can be used for cleaning any washable surface, especially if the material is transparent.





  • Transparent formula that allows a quick and comfortable cleaning. Simply, by spraying and wiping, you get a perfect shine on mirrors and windows.
  • Drying with a clean, dry cloth is recommended. A trick is to dry with a newspaper.
  • It is also used to enhance the shine on tiles, chrome, plastics, appliances and stainless steel. It can be used as an multi-purpose cleaner for all washable surfaces.
  • For use on television screens, computer screens and other electronic devices; spray the product on a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.
  • It removes dirt, fingerprints and grease from all types of glass


  • Easy to apply and quick drying.
  • Based on a “bio” alcohol that guarantees quick and sanitizing cleaning without damaging or scratching the glass.
  • Innovative third generation formulation that effectively removes fingerprints, grease and dirt.
  • Its combination of surfactants and solvents provide degreasing characteristics to the product.
  • It contains a combination of special additives for this application that give it properties: antistatic, anti-dust, anti-fog, water-repellent and polishing properties.
  • It does not contain aggressive elements so it can be used with a guarantee in the vast majority of optical glasses on the market, achieving a complete cleaning.
  • Product in which only demineralized water is used. This ensures the total absence of sediments and veils, which are so annoying when cleaning mirrors.
  • Leaves a pleasant characteristic smell, which transmits cleanliness.


EAN: 8436572671416