Home cleaner Pine Aroma GWO

It is a single effective product valid for the whole house.

Recommended for a deep cleaning of the home.

Thanks to its exclusive formula with bioalcohol, a brilliant cleaning is achieved.

It is formulated with natural soap of vegetable origin obtained from 100% natural sources.

Universal product for all the surfaces and floors in your home.





  • It helps in cleaning the entire home. It is ideal for cleaning floors, tiles and all washable surfaces. It is used in kitchens, bathrooms, terraces and throughout the house.
  • DIRECT USE: Use it on very dirty surfaces and persistent stains, even as a degreaser for the kitchen.
  • DILUTED USE: 2 caps / liter. Use it for cleaning large surfaces: floors, tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It does not need clarification.
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces in the home. The house will be clean, bright and with a pleasant pine fragrance.



  • It is a complex formulation that adds detergent, solvent and degreasing power.
  • Thanks to its exclusive formula reinforced with natural soap, it provides a perfect and long-lasting cleaning.
  • The solvents present have the function of diluting the grease so their stains are easier to remove.
  • It has a level pH, specially adjusted for cleaning floors, bathrooms or any surface in the home.
  • It also contains bioalcohol that favors drying by increasing the final shine.
  • Foaming liquid cleaner with pine fragrance. Pine aroma is one of the most widely accepted fragrances by the consumer.


EAN: 8436572671515