Manual dishwasher GWO

Formulation developed to remove grease from all dishes with brilliant results.

Easy rinsing.

Quick and effortless cleaning.

It does not irritate the skin and softens the hands.

Economical for hand washing dishes.

Maximum quality-price ratio.





  • It is intended for cleaning manually, it offers brilliant results quickly and with minimal effort without damaging your hands.
  • It is a product for manual washing dishes, kitchenware, glassware and working surfaces.
  • It is a dishwashing detergent highly effective against grease.
  • It can be used for all types of tableware and hard surfaces.
  • Fot its use, you only have to add the necessary dose and gradually replenish the product on the sponge as needed. An overdose of the product does not guarantee better results and harms the environment.
  • It can be used as a base detergent for multiple applications.



  • Classic formulation, which has been working for decades, based on the properties transferred to it by its main component, undoubtedly the best anionic surfactant; linear alkylbenzene sulfonate with excellent degreasing and foaming characteristics, which together with the other components offers a synergistic detergent action.
  • It cleans and degreases the dishes quickly, facilitating rinsing, which produces an IMPORTANT saving of time and water consumption.
  • Immediately generates a rich and stable foam, which once rinsed produces an extraordinary shine in glassware and cutlery.
  • Its neutral pH and the incorporation of a derivative from coconut provide softness to the hands.
  • Green lemon pleasant aroma.
  • Its “push-pull” closure allows a more economical use.


EAN: 8436572672741