Extrastrong degreaser GWO

The extrastrong degreaser GWO removes all types of grease and adhered dirt

With Natural Soap of vegetal origin obtained from 100% natural sources

Pseudoplastic formula that prevents splashing

Controlled foam: rinsing is fast and easy

High performance product






  • Contains a studied mixture of surfactants where the presence of NATURAL SOAP stands out, due to its affinity to fat.
  • It is reinforced by a mixture of solvents, mineral salts and synergistic additives.
  • It is a third generation formula that penetrates by dissolving, emulsifying and saponifying the most difficult fat.
  • Its use in spray allows reaching the most difficult areas.
  • It destroys the worst fats and removes dirt adhering to the surface.
  • Its high soap content makes it a natural foam regulator, making rinsing easier.
  • Professional efficacy for fat. It leaves a delicate and clean soap perfume.



  • It is a degreaser that removes easily grease and adhered residues.
  • It is used by spraying directly and also diluted, depending on the application.
  • Where its effectiveness is best appreciated is inside ovens, microwaves and ceramic stoves.
  • Spray the product cold, leave on for a few seconds and remove the remains of the product with a damp wipe.
  • The dishes will be perfectly cleaned from the dishwasher if the degreaser is sprayed before starting the dishwasher programe.
  • Diluted with water, good results are obtained applied to large surfaces; (floors and tiles). It should be clarified immediately after use.
  • Try it also on the tires of your car, on your blinds, on bicycles or in the garden barbecue.
  • When spraying keep out of reach of the eyes.
  • Do not breathe the sprayed product.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Alkaline product. To use the product on aluminum, stainless steel, paints and delicate surfaces, dilute the product at 10% and rinse.
  • Avoid direct contact with the skin.
  • Wear gloves.



EAN: 8436572670822