Superfresh Floorcleaner GWO

Guaranteed cleaning enhancing the natural shine.

Easy and comfortable to use. It does not need clarification.

Quick drying without streaks or shadows.

Multisurfaces: It does not damage any type of washable surface.

Air Freshener Effect: Intense and persistent perfume





  • Superfresh floorcleaner allows you to easily and comfortably clean kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and all kinds of floors and surfaces.
  • Recommended for frequent use.
  • A perfect cleaning is achieved without edges or shadows.
  • When cleaning requires it, the product can be used undiluted, directly on a cloth and rinsed, if necessary.
    After cleaning the bathroom, we recommend adding a small amount to the toilet to increase the air freshening effect.
  • Its aroma will persist up to 24 hours.
  • It leaves the floors cleaned, shiny and with a unique aroma.


  • Professional formula that has a bigger cleaning capacity than a conventional floorcleaner. Thanks to the contribution of solvents and bioalcohol, present in its composition, we guarantee a more energetic and easier cleaning.
  • Due to its neutral pH and innocuousness, it does not attack any type of material, and can be used without fear even on the most delicate surfaces.
  • Third generation formula which contains a selection of non-ionic surfactants, optimal in detergency, that gives the final product wetting and foaming properties. It also contains cationic surfactants, with a known disinfecting effect.
  • The perfume concentration is very high to achieve an air freshening effect.
  • Only good quality perfumes are used. They are a mixture of essential oils and aromatic chemicals selected for their intensity, persistence and sense of well-being.
  • Its bioalcohol content produces a fast and homogeneous drying.
  • Perfume that seduces by its combination of fresh notes that surrounds with its power.    

EAN: 8436572671133