Stain remover GWO

Maximum efficiency in removing stains.

High oxygen content.

Two products in one: it works as a stain remover and as a whitening product.

It removes the most difficult stains protecting the colors of your clothes.

Its use is totally safe: it can be used on colored and white clothes.





This product removes the most difficult stains protecting the colors of your clothes and renewing the white. It can be used as an adjunct to machine washing, to pre-treat clothes before washing or directly to remove stains instantly.

  1. In the washing machine: First add the detergent to the washing machine drawer according to the washing program and then the amount of STAIN REMOVER in the same compartment. It allows washes at high temperatures depending on the maximum temperature that the fabric supports.
  2. Soaking. Pour the product into hot water. Shake until the dose is completely dissolved. Immerse the clothes and allow them to soak for 1 to 6 hours, stirring occasionally. Rinse thoroughly with water or use the washing machine on the usual program.
  3. Direct use. Soak the stained part with warm water and apply the powder directly. Make the product penetrate with a spoon to later add the rest of hot water. Leave this cream to act for a maximum of 10 minutes. Rinse or wash.

The recommendations for use on the label should be followed because of its high oxygen content.



  • It is a revolutionary formula with a high content of ACTIVE OXYGEN that is generated in situ, reaching its maximum effectiveness at the moment of its application.
  • It is necessary to put the product in contact with water to start the reaction. The release of oxygen it is faster at higher water temperature. When it is working, oxygen with a great capacity to penetrate the tissues is released, which allows it to break down stains and germs. Active oxygen has a great whitening power that does not deteriorate colors, as occurs with bleach. It also contains agents that penetrate and remove fast the stain, helping to maintain a more luminous whiteness.
  • It has a proven efficacy on all oxidizable stains: wine, coffee, juice, tea, grass, fruit, etc.
  • Grease stains may require additional treatment with detergent.
  • Due to its high content of active oxygen, it is usually used in combination with ordinary detergent to achieve a more complete cleaning, avoiding unpleasant surprises when laundering.
  • It is considered more environmentally friendly than other types of bleaches.


EAN: 8436572672512