Ironing water GWO

Perfume and freshness for your clothes

Iron protection by preventing the appearance of lime

Nice special perfume for this application

Prepared to dilute 1/3 product with 2/3 water. Makes more than 2 L

Push-pull cap makes dosing easier





  • It is a microemulsion of a perfume specially created for this application on distilled-demineralized water.
  • GWO Ironing water provides an intense fragrance to the clothes and prolongs their freshness.
  • In addition, it gives off a pleasant perfume during ironing and prevents the formation of lime inside the iron as it is distilled / demineralized water.
  • Its slightly acidic pH allows a slow redisolution of the lime, in the case it was previously deposited in the iron tank, without danger of damaging the clothes.



  • A simple way to make the ironing pleasant and add an extra freshness to the clothes.
  • Its way of use is very simple: Fill in approximately one third of the deposit of the iron with the product, and the rest with water.
    In case of hard water, (> 27ºF), dilute only with distilled water. If you want an extra freshness you can also add the product directly in the water tank of the iron, undiluted and ironing as usual.
  • The “push-pull” cap allows you to dose the water directly to the tank, without spilling it.
  • It can be used in any type of steam iron.
  • However, before using the product, it is advisable to consult the instruction manual of the iron to confirm that it admits this type of products.
  • It is perfectly suitable for use in the ironing of your most delicate garments.
  • Once the ironing is finished we recommend emptying the liquid iron by discarding the water inside. In no case re-introduce used water to the bottle.



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