Fertilizer for plants with flowers GWO

Liquid fertilizer that allows perfect control of the dosage

Universal fertilizer with a good proportion of main nutrients NPK

Special enriched with essential micronutrients for flowering

Increase the chromatic level of flowering by prolonging it over time

Immediate response product: results in one week





  • Special Fertilizer
  • It contains the three main nutrients of the plants: Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in proportion NPK 5-5-4.
  • Enriched with micronutrients: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, essential in small quantities to achieve lush plants with prolonged and intense flowering.



  • Balanced mixture of enriched mineral nutrients that stimulate flowering and enhance color. Full fertilizer for all types of plants.
  • Product to add to irrigation water.
  • RECOMMENDED DOSE: 5 ml (2 caps) for each liter of irrigation water.
  • FREQUENCY: In spring-summer: 1-2 times per week and in autumn-winter: 1 time every 15 days.
  • Both the frequency and the recommended dose are given as an indicators, they can be modified according to the lacks or needs of the plants. We recommend increasing the frequency in times of  flowering. As any other fertilizer, an excessive overdose can damage the plant.
  • Its universal character means that it can be used in any type of plant.
  • Enhances color and flowering.



EAN: 8436572670327