Descaling cleaner for WC GWO

Maximum descaling power on limestone residues and rust stains.

Densoactive formula, which increases the contact time and the homogeneous distribution of the product.

High concentration of surfactants that guarantees a perfect cleaning.

Safe: It does not produce annoying odors or fumes.

Cleaning the toilet will be much easier and more effective





  • Innovative formula that eliminates and prevents the formation of calcareous encrustations and deposits of organic-mineral dirt on the walls of the toilet. Its use guarantees total hygiene, leaving a fresh, clean aroma.
  • Distribute the product evenly on the inside walls of the WC and under the upper edge. Let the product act for a few minutes (you can leave it for longer, if you wish). Distribute the toilet cleaner with the brush for greater effectiveness and release the water to wash away the removed encrustations.
  • Although on the label the recommendation is to use exclusively on the toilet, due to its surfactant richness it can be used as an anti-scale cleaner for other surfaces, taps, showers, floors, etc. Always maintaining the precautions that an acid product requires. Due to its acid nature, it should not be mixed with other cleaning products or bleaches.



  • Powerful specific descaler that eliminates and prevents the formation of calcareous incrustations and organic dirt deposits.
  • Densoactive formula that allows a homogeneous distribution and adheres easily to the walls of the toilets allowing a longer contact time of the product, which increases its effectiveness.
  • It has a high tensioactive richness that makes it superior in cleaning to other products for the WC.
    Orthophosphoric acid is used. It is an acid that is safe to handle as it does not give off vapors.
    Scented with a powerful characteristic smell.
  • Its use guarantees the hygiene of the toilet, leaving a fresh, clean aroma.


EAN: 8436572672314